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Videography has become increasingly important on social media sites. 


Renters and guests want to see your property and brand represented live and in color (and bonus points if you use a trending song)!​ Whether you're looking for a cinematic highlight reel or casual UGC clips, videography is a great way to capture your audience’s attention.

All our video packages can be customized directly to your needs and budget. You have choice of:

  • Type of camera used (iPhone vs professional camera)

  • A pre-packaged and edited video vs separate independent clips

  • Length of final edited video

  • Use of gimbal stabilizer 

  • Advanced in-camera transitions that are enhanced during the edit for the most cinematic look

  • Added drone footage

  • Added voice over or royalty-free music sound design 


Some popular video services include:

  • Cinematic property tours

  • Highlight reels of properties, products, and towns

  • Commercials with engaging storytelling

  • Voice over social media ads

  • Silent social media ads (for use with trending in-app music)

Contact us today to build your custom package!

Property Commercials

These cinematic videos were shot handheld (no gimbal) on a professional camera using advanced transitions.
This cinematic video was shot on a gimbal on a professional camera using a mix of advanced and basic transitions.

Social Media Ads

These social ads were shot on the latest iPhone. 1st & 3rd videos are handheld (no gimbal), basic transitions, voice over. Middle video used a gimbal, basic transitions, music add-on

Clips Package

A bundle of video clips; each clip spans between 5 - 15 seconds. Use clips to make your own video or use them separately on stories, reels, TikTok or other social platforms, No music or sound design.

Full-Length Feature

Full length videos available upon request.

Quality and resolution may vary based on your internet connection and browser settings.

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