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About us

Meet Krystal & Eric Nagle - serial optimists, life enthusiasts, and owners of Nagle Media Company.

Our journey started as a hobby, taking photos and videos for local entrepreneurs during the onset of the pandemic to help boost local business. This quickly turned into a passion of ours, and we now happily offer a variety of creative business services to help you and your brand thrive.


We specialize in creating cinematic video edits, lifestyle and product photography, and social media ads that are perfect for all your marketing needs.

Not a business? We also take on select individual clients for personal/family photos. Reach out for more details!



From rentals to realty, it's important to lead with the right images. Our photos turn rooms into experiences, allowing potential renters or buyers to envision themselves in the space.

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Lifestyle & Product Photography

Lifestyle photography is more than just your product - it's a feeling.


Our lifestyle and product photography highlights the energy of your product or service, showing what type of lifestyle your brand represents.


Videography &
Social Ads

Our cinematic edits are tailored directly to your product, service or brand, featuring stunning visuals, transitions, and premium sound design with royalty-free music.


Spice up your social media advertisements or use directly on your site!



FAA Licensed Drone Photography


Looking to set the right scene in your media?

Our specialized aerial drone photography services are the perfect openers.



Let's talk

For partnerships, bookings, or general inquiries please fill out the form below or email us

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