Mobile Editing Guide Bundle

Mobile Editing Guide Bundle


Purchase BOTH mobile editing guides and save $10!


This bundle includes our Intro to Mobile Editing and Advanced Mobile Effects guides. These two guides go perfectly hand-in-hand, making the best bundle for those who are serious about stepping up their editing game!


Intro to Mobile Editing Includes:

1) The basics of Lightroom Mobile and why it's the strongest mobile editing app out there

2) A deep dive into light and color editing techniques

3) In-depth explanation of Lightroom Mobile editing tools so you can edit on the go

4) Photographer's checklist of how to take photos primed for editing

5) Behind the scenes input on how professionals get cohesive looking photos every time


PLUS: Edit with me! This guide comes with a bonus chapter that takes you through an edit start-to-finish, and includes a free example photo so you can follow along and test out your skills.


Advanced Mobile Effects Includes:

1) Detailed explanation of 6 expert techniques, including: object removal, sky replacement, & feature enhancement

2) The exact apps I use for each advanced photoshop effect PLUS multiple app options to choose the best fit for you

3) Detailed instructional guide for how to prime your photos for object removal

4) A step-by-step breakdown of an advanced edit start to finish


This bundle is an instant download. Once purchased, you will be given an immediate link to download the guides and sample photo. Links will be active for 30 days. If you lose access to the guides, please contact with your order number and we can provide it for you.




*Please Note: This guide was created based on iPhone apps and iPhone features. Certain apps and features may look different or function differently on other phones. Software availability may vary by region.


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